Where to stay in Kayapa (MUM, OST50K, FL100, H1)

at the school grounds or Parish Church areaThere are few bed and breakfast-type lodgings or homestays, to be exact, which offer only basic necessities in Kayapa:

Tessie’s Homestay- Pampang 09219888803
Mer Homestay- Castillo Village 09359639186
Bertinos Homestay- Pampang 09289899608
St.Joseph Parish Lodge- 09289248094
Marlo’s Homestay- Pampang 09398639648
Pastora Soledad- 09493995518
Rufin Homestay Kayapa09981919710

For assistance, please contact

Email Address: [email protected]

Facebook Page: Kayapa Tourism, Culture and Arts

Sleeping spaces inside classrooms are also available in Kayapa Central School for a minimal fee. Toilet and bathroom facilities are provided. Look for the Race Director at the venue for slots. Alternately, you may camp out and park your vehicles for a minimal fee at the school grounds or Parish Church area, about 200 meters away from the Kayapa town hall.

All are within walking distance to the start and finish areas. Rates start at 300php per bed/night and cooked meals may be arranged with the landlord. You may want to reserve early by contacting the said homeowners/caretakers directly as there are limited bed spaces. Room-sharing is the norm.

Food is not a problem as there are a number of small eateries at the town center. There are stores from where you can buy bottled water, snacks and personal necessities.

Every Saturday is Kayapa’s “market day.” Farmers from both the lowlands and the mountains bring their produce to the town’s market area in the morning and offer them at giveaway prices. Haggling is allowed. We encourage you to buy local products and souvenirs.

The locals are warm and welcoming. Most of them understand and speak English, Tagalog and Ilocano.

Note that a strict NO SMOKING policy exists in Kayapa and ALL of Nueva Vizcaya.

Please respect the locals, their culture and the environment at all times.

Where to stay in Pulag Ranger Station (PULAG 100)

Runners availing of homestays will be directed, upon arrival at the venue, to the Homestay Assistance table to be located infront of Norma Sumakey’s Store near Pulag Ranger Station where they will get their respective homestay assigments. Payments are to be made to the homestay hosts.

In Baguio City, numerous backpacker inns and hotels are available at anytime. Advance booking is recommended since April is peak tourist season in the city. Camp John Hay is a short 10-minute ride by jeepney or taxi to the city proper.


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