Four Lakes 100K

March 18, 2023

You know where the best paths lead to. Follow them.








Schedule of Activities

Start: March 18, 2023, Saturday, 3:00 AM / Kayapa Central School
Finish: March 19, 2023, Sunday, 9:00 AM / Kayapa Central School
Awarding and Closing Ceremony: March 19, 2023, Sunday, 10:00 AM / Kayapa Central School
Race Kit Distribution: March 17, 2023, Friday, 1:00 PM – 5:00 PM / 5TH Floor, Kayapa Municipal Building
Race Briefing: March 17, 2023, Friday, 2:00 PM / 5TH Floor, Kayapa Municipal Building


*Runners not able to make the cut-off time in any of the cut-off stations will hire a vehicle that will ferry them back to Kayapa Central School. Cut-off time is defined as the time you leave the station and NOT the time you arrive.

Cut-off 1: Kayapa Proper West Market ~35km (8:00:00 hours)
Cut-off 2: Castillo Aid Station ~52km (14:00:00 hours)
Cut-off 3: Banao Aid Station ~69km (19:00:00 hours)
Cut-off 4: Dayap Aid Station ~82km(24:00:00 hours)
Finish Line Cut-off: Kayapa Central School ~100km(30:00:00 hours)

***All runners must check out of the different Cut-off points on or before the designated cut-off times whether they have refilled, eaten or accessed their drop bags. Otherwise, they will not be allowed to continue with the race.


Drop Bag Collection: March 17, 2023, Friday, 1:00 – 5:00 PM / Kayapa Central School
1. There will only be one drop bag station at Castillo Aid Station.
2. Bags must not weigh more than three kilos. Excess weight must be removed.
3. All drop bags will be ready for retrieval at the finish line after the race.
4. Unclaimed bags six hours after end of the race will be disposed off accordingly.


Given the nature of this trail event and the risks that come with high-altitude races, the following are required of all FOUR LAKES 100km (FL100) participants:
1. Every participant must be at least 18 years of age on race day. Those who will not be 18 years of age on race day must submit a signed parent’s or guardian’s consent.
2. He/she must have officially finished a 50-kilometer trail ultramarathon or trail marathon (all results must be verifiable from the internet).
3. Qualifying races must be completed in the period from March 15, 2022 – March 15, 2023.

4. All participants must abide by the Race Rules and Guidelines.



Less than 20% off the route consists of concrete roads. The remainder of the route consists of dirt roads, switchbacks, steep ascents and descents on natural surfaces. Runners will pass through the Old Spanish Trail, conquer a number of summits and also pass four lakes (this race’s namesake). Besides a small section at the start of the race, Four Lakes 100 runners will share the same route with the Old Spanish Trail 50km runners for the first half of the race.

From the start area at KAYAPA CENTRAL SCHOOL (1,107masl), runners
ascend a concrete road for about two hundred meters before entering the
trailhead to the left heading towards TALECABCAB (1,378 masl, 4.9 kilometre point). Runners will ascend through a mixture of dirt roads and intermittent stretches of concrete tire paths toward INDUPIT. The climb ends at the INDUPIT JUNCTION (1820 masl, 8.5 kilometre point) where the dirt road heading via BUNDAO (1,831 masl, 10.4 kilometre point) to ANSIPSIP (AID STATION 1) (1,645 masl, 17.0 kilometre point) commences.

Continuing along the dirt road and approximately 650m past BUNDAO, runners will take a right turn onto a single-track trail and proceed until they reach ANSIPSIP which offers a view of the Mount Ugo summit, and even the city of Baguio on a clear day. An aid station will be located here.

From there, runners will go to BODORGAN (1,420 masl, 18.1 kilometre point), and start the more almost 4 kilometre ascent to the summit of MOUNT UGO (2,153 masl, 21.8 kilometre point), the highest point of the route. All runners must make sure to check in with the race marshal at the peak, who in turn will record every runner’s race bib number and time.

After summiting Mount Ugo, runners will descend through some rocky single-track trails and a dirt road towards DOMOLPOS (AID STATION 2) (1,776 masl, 24.2 kilometre point), where spring water and trail food will be available. After passing through DOMOLPOS, runners will proceed to the picturesque OLD SPANISH TRAIL. The 11 kilometre, mostly downhill trail will lead to AID STATION 3 at the KAYAPA PROPER WEST MARKET (838 masl, 35.4 kilometre point), the lowest point of the route.

All runners are STRONGLY advised to eat, drink and refill here for the long grind ahead. This will be the last food station until CASTILLO VILLAGE (AID STATION 4). KAYAPA PROPER WEST MARKET is also CUT-OFF POINT 1 (~35 kilometres, 8:00:00 hours). Runners who do not make the cut-off time here will be disqualified and prevented from resuming the race.

From KAYAPA PROPER WEST MARKET, runners will pass rice paddies and a hanging bridge on their way to AMELONG LABENG (1,410 masl, 39.1 kilometre point), which is marked by its Barangay (village) hall, school, worship place and a basketball court.

The next landmark to the SECOND SUMMIT will be a cellular phone tower. Runners will then exit at the Nueva Vizcaya-Benguet Road at the entrance of CASTILLO VILLAGE (1,310 masl, 50.7 kilometre point), which is marked by a huge welcome sign, a waiting shed, and a World War II Memorial. The shed also marks the location of AID STATION 4 and CUT-OFF POINT 2 (~50 kilometres, 14:00:00 hours). Drop bags for runners may be accessed here. Runners who do not make the cut-off time will be disqualified and prevented from resuming the race.

From CASTILLO VILLAGE trailhead, runners will proceed two kilometres to BUACA LAKE. This is also the THIRD SUMMIT. Runners will pass vegetable gardens and open fields to then descend to a “saddle” area by the name of BALANGABANG (1,384 masl, 55.3 kilometre point).

Runners will then turn right downhill towards TALMOY (978 masl, 63.3 kilometre point), and eventually ascend going to BANAO (AID STATION 5) and CUT-OFF POINT 3 (~69 kilometres, 19:00:00 hours) (1,538 masl, 69.0 kilometre point), where names and bib numbers will be recorded. All runners must make sure to check-in with the marshal.

From BANAO, runners will make their way along the dirt road heading directly to DAYAP PRIMARY SCHOOL. DAYAP (1,608 masl, 82.0 kilometre point), is CUT-OFF POINT 4 (~82 kilometres, 24:00:00 hours) and the last aid station (AID STATION 6). Qualified runners will proceed for about three kilometres towards the PANGAWAN / BOUNDARY (1,487 masl, 85.4 kilometres) trailhead, then enter the trail that leads to the mossy forest and INDUPIT JUNCTION (1,820 masl, 91.9 kilometre point), and from this point, turn left on the road and take the TALECABCAB TRAIL, running downhill towards the finish line at KAYAPA CENTRAL SCHOOL.

Distance: 98.8 kilometers
Elevation Gain: 5870 meters


(Part of your registration fee goes to the KOTM scholarship fund and outreach projects)
LATE REGISTRATION PERIOD: JANUARY 18, 2023 – FEBRUARY 18, 2023 (Late registrants pay a surcharge of 50%)

PhP 6,500.00

Inclusive of trail fees, event token, pre-race snacks and post-race meal. Official finishers will also receive a finisher’s token.


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